Monday, December 1, 2008

December, the Foundry & Art Class

I look forward through the days in December and I am getting overly packed with things to do. I know everyone else is also. My packed weekend is the 13th! It would be alright if I just knew exactly what I was going to do on that day. I have three, possibly four, things that have fallen on that weekend. One, the women's event is that morning. Two, my niece's birthday party is that afternoon. Third, if Mana gets a part in a play she is auditioning for, the first read through and meet the cast members meeting is that day! I will not know that until the weekend of the 6th. It makes it hard not knowing how to schedule out that day! Fourth, that Sunday is the Christmas program at our church. Mana is suppose to be in it. The children's choir is going to sing in it. Due to several things happening over the past weeks, she has not been to practice. I guess that is good, since she has now chosen to spend the night with the cousins on that Saturday. I seem to never be able to go to the church programs during the holidays. I can not be in two places at the same time. I do not get to see my family very often, so I go when I can.

Today I went to the Foundry. I have never been there before. I was looking for anything to help with the table scape I am putting together for the women's event at church. I have mentioned that I might not be able to attend the event. Since I am on the Women's Committee, I am responsible for a table or to get someone to do a table. I was looking forward to doing one and have not been able to come up with one single idea that I liked. When all the stuff fell on that day, I was hoping they would have enough tables and I would not have to do one. I really didn't see how I could. I figured I might as well just do one since it was only two weeks away. I would feel bad to ask someone to do a table with only two weeks to prepare and so close to Christmas. I have been dreading the very thing I enjoy doing. Sad! I found the sweetest white tea cups and saucer sets at the Foundry! I also went to Cindy's house to let her borrow my point and shoot and she had the cutest plant holder in her driveway! Now I am excited! I have my idea and am so looking forward to getting it all together, even with only two weeks left! I may have to miss the event, but I will be there is spirit! Who knows, I maybe able to do all three things on that one day! Wishful Thinking! LOL! Boy, would I be tired!

My art students came over tonight. One finished her project. One started on a project. One missed art class. (CJ!) Mana wanted her friends to come over and do art also. I called and they came over. We were all stuffed in my kitchen like sardines! They didn't seem to mind. I think Mana really enjoyed getting to do art tonight!

Pictures of the day...
"Becca's Picture"
"Mana's & her Friend's Pictures"


Jamie said...

Your house is a very funhouse! Now I need an idea for my own tablescape - I should start re-reading Lewis Carroll.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jamie. Your house seems to be hopping! lol. Holidays are good for bringing food, presents, lots of love and family and an excess of stress. Enjoy it though! Pretty soon you may be sitting around wondering why it feels like you have absolutely nothing to do.

Thanks for offering up your hubby's books. I may just have to take you up on that =)