Friday, December 5, 2008

Drills, Clay & More Clay

My friend Sherry came over this morning to help me drill holes in the buckets for the tablescape centerpiece. Afterwards, I went to Mrs. Millie's house to make some clay figurines. Mrs. Millie is really great at that. She makes the cutest figurines ever! They are fun to make. When Mana got home, we cleaned up her room a little bit so her friends could come over and actually be able to walk around! Mrs. Millie came over and we made more clay figurines. Sherry and her kids came over also! The kids had a great time. I think the adults had an even greater time! Making clay figurines is really fun!

Mana's audition is in the morning! Be in prayer for her to do well and to remember all Ms. Jamie taught her!

Picutres of the day...
Sneak Peek #3
"Under Construction"
Yes, it is really tall!!!!
That is what makes it FUN!!!!

"Mrs. Millie & I Working"
On the Tablescape

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