Monday, December 8, 2008

Shopping, Believing & Art Class

I went to Wal-Mart today to pick up some last minute things for Mana's Christmas. I am done now! I ordered Brian's online, so I am done with his also! Now it is time for wrapping! Mana loves to help wrap presents!

I pick up one of my art students from school on Mondays because he's mom works. Today in the car, Mana asked me the dreaded question that I have managed to keep from answering for several months now. I squeaked by probably for the last time. The "Is Santa real, Mom?" question. All the kids in her class are telling her the parents put the presents under the tree. This was and has been my answer..."What do YOU think honey?" "He is real!", she said. "If you believe in him, he will come visit your house. When you stop believing, he will not!", I would say. That seems to be ok with her for the time being. I have a feeling this is our last year of Believing! :( Oh, and the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny is in on that conversation also! I have been worried about the day when she does not believe because the day she found out at school that animals do not go to Heaven was tragic! She got mad because I had told her that her pet gold fish "Goldie" was not feeling well and we had to flush her down the toilet like Nemo so she could live in the ocean and get better! I never did tell her animals go to Heaven, but I did not say they didn't either. It doesn't seem that she will get mad at me, but we will see.

I had three for art this afternoon. C.J. almost finished his painting. He did very well I think. Brittany got a good amount done on her painting. Since Rebecca was done last week with hers, I recruited her to help me paint scripture verses on the tablescape plates! She is a great backwards writer. You have to paint backwards on the bottom of the plates. It is not easy. She did a great job.

Pictures of the day...
"Rebecca painting plates"
"Mana painting plates"

"C.J. painting"

"Brittany painting"


Jamie said...

I am very hopeful that animals do not go to heaven - just as a personal preference. OR they can go to heaven and live in a different section (perhaps with the loud, happy babies?)

From said...

it is sooo cute but can i ask a favor will you please pick a nother pic,,, and you miss spelled brittanys name its.

Shawn Stinson said...

What a tragic day little shawny had at 7 years old. My older sister, Shannon, was 9. A conversation came up in July about the tooth fairy. She felt the need ot tell me the truth. I don't remember exactly how the conversation spiraled downward from there, I just remember it leading to discussions of the Easter Bunny and me walking out of the room then returning and yelling through my tears "WHAT ABOUT SANTA CLAUS?" I remember being upset, but my parents wisely calmed me down by letting me know I was now in on the joke. And the real of fun Christmas was keeping the joke going for other kids. I felt like an adult and that pacified me.

The Strings said...

Sorry Brittany! It wasn't the first time I spelled your name wrong and probably will not be the last!