Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Finishing Touches, Monologue & Another Sneak Peek

Now, I need to stop going shopping!! I did find some key items to put the finishing touches on the tablescape! I also found two more placemats! Now, I can have 8 places!! So, so excited! My friend, Millie and I got together tonight to talk over the plan for the tablescape. Millie is always the one that helps me! She is very creative herself! She makes the cutest clay figurines. She has helped with several of my projects the past three years! It is fun working with her on things!

After church tonight, my friend Jamie helped Mana with her monologue. Her audition is Saturday morning! I think she did really well. Jamie said she did a great job. Jamie let her run through it first and then made suggestions on how to make a few spots better. She works well with Mana. Mana listens to her better then she does me. Especially when we are trying to make suggestions on her performance. She did do better with me this time compared to last time. I am proud of her. She has worked hard on getting the lines memorized! Keep your figures crossed on her getting a part!!

Picture of the day...
"Another Sneak Peek!"
For the tablescape!

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