Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Builder, Resonate, & my Wild Child

I worked on the Builder today. I got a lot done! I got the proof to Jamie tonight, so that was good. I will hopefully be printing on Friday!

Our church had "Christmas at Resonate" tonight. This was the first time I was able to go to this service. It was wonderful. I always enjoy listening to Joseph preach. He has an interesting way of putting things and that keeps your attention. They had snacks of all kinds. Mana loved the Monkey bread. Always one of her favorites. Mana did not want to stay in Resonate. She wanted to go and stay with the little kids, so I took her down to the room. After a while, she came back and said that the older kids could not stay. She was sad. She was good through out the service. After the service, not so much. I sure wish my Mom was still alive today. I would love to ask her a million questions about how she handled my sister and I. I remember my rebellious years as a teenager, but I do not remember getting into much trouble when I was young. Of course, I didn't have near as much energy as Mana does. I was one that would hide behind Mom and never wanted to talk to anyone! (I still feel that way today! Not very social!) Dealing with Mana is an all new experience for me! I believe children should behave their selves and not run around like a bunch of wild animals. (Which mine was acting like a wild animal!) She loves to aggravate the teenagers and really anyone else that will give her any attention. It is quite embarrassing! I was talking to some friends, so I could not see what she was doing. (Being in the third grade you would think I would not have to be on top of her every second! And I had already warned her!) She proved me so wrong tonight. Needless to say, she is in trouble for her actions tonight. And I apologize to all who she aggravated! I could just cry. And I have on occasion. I just do not know how to deal with an overly outgoing child! I do not like any attention on myself at all and having a child that craves the attention is really hard. She is a good kid. I am so not saying she isn't at all. Our personalities are just so different from each other.

Pictures of today...
"Christmas at Resonate"
"Mana with Heidi"
After being kicked out of Mission Friends.

"Mana after getting Monkey Bread"

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