Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve

As soon as we got home from Grandma Dell's, Mana had to start painting. Every year, Mana makes something for every family. This year I have been a little out of sorts. I have been really unorganized and didn't get everything done in a timely manner. I usually buy Mana a Christmas dress and take her Christmas pictures. (Did not do that!) No Santa picture! (I know, I know! Bad Mommy!) So needless to say, we were a little behind on the craft projects! She painted refrigerator magnets for everyone this year. She got them done and we wrapped them up to go the next day! She wanted to make homemade cookies for Santa this year. We didn't do that either. She got over all of this easily. Brian is off work for two weeks, so I think she is just excited that she gets to see her Daddy all day, every day!! Nothing else really matters that much. Each year, we open one present on Christmas eve. We did the same this year. Then Mana got ready for bed, which included setting out Santa's cookies, & making reindeer food. She even made the reindeer and Santa each a necklace out of stickers and ribbon.

Pictures of Christmas Eve...
"Magnets" "Santa Cookies & Necklaces" "Making Reindeer Food" "Throwing Reindeer Food""My Emergency Pack"
Which I did Not have a hissy fit!

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