Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Builder, Shopping & a Night Out!!!!!!

I got the Builder done on Monday! It worked out great! Mana and her Daddy went shopping for my Christmas presents while I went to the church and worked. They were so sweet and brought me lunch and a bag of circus peanuts! The circus peanuts were to go in my stocking, but Mana said I needed them right then! Brian came in and said he was tired of my mouth. (I was wondering what he was talking about because I have been good here lately!) Mana had told him all day that he should have been better at filling my stocking for Christmas. (I have only had my stocking filled one Christmas since Mana was born!) Brian does not believe me on that fact! I tell Mana that it is the parents job to fill the adult stockings for each other. Santa doesn't to that. That is what I had to tell her since mine was never filled and Brian's was. I wasn't going to let her think I was on the naughty list. When they got back from shopping, Brian and Mana went into the bedroom and wrapped my presents. They kept coming out with them. I must have at least 8 or nine! After presents were wrapped, we went to drop Mana off at GranMary & Paw Paw's house for a spent the night cookie party with her cousins! They do that every year. Brian took me out to Logan's Roadhouse. (Where we saw Shawn.) Then we went to see "Seven Pounds". It was a good movie. All I will say, is I have never left a movie feeling the way I did.

Pictures of the day...
"Circus Peanuts"
"One of my Presents"

It says "Emergency Pack - P.S. Don't open til you have a hissy fit"

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Jamie said...

I definitely need gifts for hissy fits. That is too funny!