Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Saturday - Mad Hatter Tea Party

I am sitting here listening to water drip down the pipe in my pantry. This is why my hot water heater had to be replaced not to long ago. Just one more project my hubby has to take care of when off for Christmas vacation. I thought it was all fixed. The first couple of times it rained after replacing the hot water heater (my brother-in-law got up on the roof and sealed around the pipe) it stopped dripping!

As you can see, I love doing tablescapes! And Mrs. Millie is the best to go along with all my crazy ideas for them. Here are some pictures of the clay figurines we did for our centerpiece. Mrs. Millie is the greatest!!

Pictures for Saturday...
"Alice, Tweedledee, Tweedledum & the Mome Raths"
"The Centerpede"
"The White Rabbit"
"Tea Party"

"Cheshire Cat"
"Mana's Tweedledee"
"Shovel Bird"
Mana painted

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