Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I just sent an email to a friend of mine. I mistyped one letter and did not catch it!! All I have to say is... it was bad! I went back to check if I wrote something and when I reread it, I found the word. Embarrassing! I think I turned fifteen shades of red!!! Then, if that wasn't bad enough...the next sentence was "So Fun!" I recheck the blogs several times before posting. I usually do not in emails. I guess I better!


Shawn Stinson said...

At Westwood a few years ago the same thing happened. In the Wednesday student service one letter was left out of an announcement saying they were selling t-shirts. No one caught it until the announcement sheets were in the students hands. Funny stuff.

Jamie said...

I actually didn't catch the error in the email if it is any consolation. I was reading it from my phone, which is much smaller than my head so things can get missed.

The Strings said...

Yeah, delete it! LOL!