Saturday, December 13, 2008

Friday, Friday & More Friday

Friday was an extremely packed day!! Since we were suppose to have bad weather, Mana did not have to be at school until 9:30 am. We went to Wal-Mart and picked up some trim for my table runner. I had ran out before I was finished sewing it. Then we went to the pharmacy to pick up her allergy medicine. Then to school. I headed to Hobby Lobby. I forgot I had only bought six napkins, so I had to pick up two more. Then I had to drive to my mom-in-law's house to pick up a placemate. Mrs. Millie rode with me. We went back to my house and finished up all the extra things for the tablescape. Around 1 pm, we finally were done and heading to the church to set up. The centerpiece was so big and awkward that Mrs. Millie had to sit in the back sit with the front sit pushed up as far as it would go. We made it there without any complications or breaking anything!! We sat up the table just in time to swing by my house and drop Mrs. Millie off for her car and for me to make it to car line on time! I went back to the church around 5 pm to get my boxes and to put finishing touches on the chairs! Now I am glad it is all set up and I can relax and enjoy the Women's Event in the morning!!!

Mana and I met Anggie and her daughter at McDonald's for supper. Then they came over for a little while. The girls put on a play they had made up while Anggie & I were talking. I am glad they got to come over. It has been a while since they came the last time!

Pictures of the day...
"Mrs. Millie's & My Tablescape"
Will post more pictures after the event!!
"Closer View""Goody Bags""Place Setting""Finishing Touches - Chair"

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