Monday, December 29, 2008


December 26
Last year, I saw the tv commercials for ICE. I thought it looked like something Mana would really enjoy. We finally got to go! We called the night before to get tickets to ICE and the Rockettes. The Rockettes were sold out. We bought our tickets for ICE at the door and got in line. Not to many people were there. We were handed large blue coats to put on. When you go inside, they took your family picture and shuffled you off through the doors into a wonderful ice sculptured filled room. It was magnificent. It was cold. I read that they keep it at 9 degrees in there. There were several rooms filled with different scenes from the Grinch. In one Grinch room, there were three slides of various lengths that you could go down. Mana was unsure if she wanted to go, so Brian went up and slid down. She decided she would slide on the short one. She said it was fun, but chose not to go down again. There was a long line for them. The very last room was the nativity scene. It was gorgeous! We then went through the exit doors into the gift shop. The camera lens and Mana's and my glasses fogged up for a long time. We got Mana and I each a t-shirt and I got an ornament for our tree. The family pictures taken at the beginning were $20, so I decided to pass on that. I figured I had enough pictures to show I was there. I would love to go again another year. It is worth the cost and the drive.

Pictures from ICE....
"Walking to ICE""ICE""North of Who-ville"
"ICE Slide""ICE Walkway""Nativity""All Fogged Up"

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