Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Singing, Rollers, & the School Program

Today was fun! Mana had her Arts (Voice) party today at 1:30 pm. All the children that take piano & voice got to come and perform their piece they have been working on! Mana sang "O Little Town of Bethlehem"! She did a great job! Everyone did! I enjoyed being able to go and listen to them. It was sad that none of the other parents got to come! It didn't seem to phase them.

We went to Mana's voice lesson early. I was able to sit in and listen today. Usually I am doing something during that time at the church. I learned a few things I did not know while sitting there, like sugar dries your throat out. (The kids pigged out on the cookies at the party earlier in the day. One girl got 8 cookies. I made Mana have only three.) I had rolled Mana's hair before we left and she went with her hair in rollers. She put on a hoodie thinking that she could leave it on. Her teacher made her take it off. She started laughing when she did. She was cute with the orange and pink rollers in her hair. When it was time to go home, she decided she didn't care about the rollers and walked out of the church without her hood on.

After voice, we went home and got ready for Mana's school program. We had to be there at 6:30pm. It gets packed out fast. I had no one with me, so when I took Mana down to her classroom, Diedra saved me a spot and I took her child also. Mana's GranMary and Paw Paw got to come. Ms. Debbie from church also got to come. The program was excellent. The kids sang wonderfully! It was a short program. It was only about thirty five minutes. I wish it would have been a little bit longer, but it did get us home in time for Mana not to get in bed to late!

Pictures of the day....
"Mana Singing" "Mana's Full Plate""The Group""School Program""Mana & Paw Paw""Mana & GranMary""Mana & Debbie""Mana & Mrs. Garrett"
Her Teacher

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