Friday, December 12, 2008

Niece, Preschool Program, & Pineapple

Tuesday I went to see one of my adorable nieces in her preschool program. All the kids were really cute all dressed up in their costumes. They were so fun to watch! There was one little boy sitting behind me that would take his mom's camera and walk down the aisle and pretend to take a picture of his sister. It was cute! He also liked to wave and yell her name so she would look at him.

I went out to eat at Jason's Deli with my Sis-in-law, her parents, and my niece after the program. I got the chicken salad on a croissant. I took one bite into it and noticed it had pineapple in it. Yuck! I like pineapple, just not in my chicken salad. Especially when I was not expecting it!

Pictures of Tuesday...
"My Adorable Niece"
"Niece's Program"

"Me & my Niece"

Eating Birthday Cupcakes for Jesus!

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