Friday, December 19, 2008

The Birth of Jesus & a Reindeer Play

Tonight was fun! I was asked to take some Christmas pictures for a friend of mine. I think they turned out well. Anggie and her daughter came over later. Anggie and I didn't crop. We are going to make a New Years Resolution to start cropping on Friday nights again. We should be able to talk and crop! Here lately we have just been talking.

The girls put on a Christmas play for us. Mana read about the birth of Jesus from the Bible and they both acted it out. Poor baby Jesus was wrapped in a grocery bag instead of a blanket. (They said they couldn't find the blanket) They did a great job. Then they did another play about a reindeer. It was cute! They really enjoy making up plays for the mommies to watch!

Pictures of the day...
"An Angel Appears"
"Wisemen give baby Jesus Gifts"

"The Reindeer Play"

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