Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Saturday - Niece's Birthday Party!

After the Mad Hatter Women's Event, Mana & I went to my niece's birthday party. She lives two hours away. She was having a gymnastics party. We were thirty minutes late, but Mana still got to participate in a few things. It looked like the kids all had a great time. They played this game where they had to find what ever the director said and touch it. The last one had to walk the plank (balance beam) into the pit. It was the first time Mana ever jumped into a pit before. She said it was a lot of fun! It looked fun enough for me to try it, but I didn't. If we would have gotten there earlier, I probably would have.

Pictures from the party...
"Mana Jumping into the Pit" "In the Pit" "Parachute" "Zoey""Zoey under the Christmas Tree"

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