Thursday, November 6, 2008

Scrapbooking, Project and Leaves

This morning I attempted to sit down at the computer and work on Mana's first grade digital scrapbook. You can upload your scrapbook pages to Shutterfly and have them printed like a coffee table book. I so want to finish it so I can get one printed. I am really looking forward to see one finished. I didn't even do one page. How sad. I got distracted and checked emails and other things on the computer. Then I called my friend who moved to Texas two years ago. It was nice to talk to her.

Debbie drove me around down town to take some more pictures for my photography project I am working on. We had the best time. I would not have gotten some of the shots I did if I would have driven.

I picked up Mana and a friend of hers from school. We went to take her home. The girls ran around the front yard, playing in the leaves. They had so much fun.

Pictures of the day...
Debbie & I on our Wild Adventure
"The Wind Blown Look"
"The Chase"
"Getting Mrs. Kelly"
"Mana getting Me"
"The Girls"
"Fall Leaves"

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