Friday, November 21, 2008

Breakfast, Winter Clothes, & Painting

I had breakfast this morning at Jack's with Sherry. She wanted to go to the outlet stores to see what Claire's had left. They had 10 items for $10. There was not much left. We didn't find anything we couldn't live without. We then shopped for winter clothes. Neither one of us had any winter clothes. I found a sweat suit, two sweaters and three shirts. I am done for winter shopping now. Just in time. I have an automatic habit of putting my flip flops on. Needless to say, I froze my toes off this morning! I went home before shopping and put my tennis shoes on. (Which I also replaced today!) I told Sherry that I was going to wait and get tennis shoes for Christmas, but she insisted that I needed them today. Mine are in really bad shape. Merry Christmas to me early!!

After I picked up Mana from school, she and I straightened up the house. We got a lot done. Not near enough though! So much more to go. Heidi came over to paint tonight! I will post her picture later. (There is a reason for that!) We ordered pizza and watched "Barbie, A Christmas Carol." We ordered one pizza and a cinnamon sweet treat from Papa John's. The driver gave us two large pizza boxes and a small. I didn't really notice until he had left and we were opening the boxes. He had left us someone else's pizza. I called the store so they could call him to come back to get it. They told us to keep it, that they already were making another one for that household. So we got a free pizza. It was good too! Bacon and pepperoni. Yum! Painting tonight was fun! Mana even painted. She did really well. She drew hers all by herself. No tracing! Heidi used to come over all the time and paint with me. I am glad she came tonight!

Pictures of the day...
"Heidi's Painting"
I will post later.

"Fall Leaves"
I painted from my own photograph.
"Mana painting"
"American Dragon, Jake Long"

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