Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Zebra, Black Lab & a Moose!

I thank God Mana only had a 24 hour bug!! That being the case, we got to go on our Annual Build-A-Bear trip. Each year, my nieces and Mana get Build-A-Bears for their Christmas present. We usually go to the one here, but they got one where they live and the girls wanted me to see their store. So off we go to my sister's for a fun filled day of bear (animal) building! We headed out to the mall around 10 am. It was not that crowded. (I loved that!) The girls picked out their animals and went through the process! The smiles on their faces are always the best part! They had the best time picking out outfits for them. Mana picked the zebra with a blonde wig, pink dress and the Hannah Montana song sound. One of my nieces picked a black lab with a camouflage pink "Girls Rule" outfit and a barking sound. The other one picked Holly the moose with a Christmas outfit and the I love you sound. They all were so cute hugging on their animals. I will have to say, when we get to the time that they do not want to do this anymore, I will be sad! The whole trip was a lot less stressful then usually, due to the lack of people and that we went before Thanksgiving. Usually we are trying to go through the mall here in December. Not again. I would rather them have them earlier then do that again. My sister and I are so stressed and worn out by the time we get home normally that we are useless. This time we only got a little stressed. That was because we had to visit the restroom 5 times in that one mall trip!

Pictures of the day...
"Mana with Zebra Clara" "Blonde Clara"
"The Animals"
I must blur my adorable nieces faces! :(
I do understand! Safety first!

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