Wednesday, November 19, 2008

OCC, Captivating, & Thankfulness

This morning, Mana's school had their Operation Christmas Child chapel service. It is a wonderful sight to see the children all lining up to put their boxes they packed with great care on the stage of the sanctuary. It is awesome to hear of the stories of what great things God does with these boxes. He gets the correct boxes to the right children. He knows what they need and He provides. I love being apart of it every year!

I made it through my first Bible study!!!! Tears and all! I now wish that this one could have gone on a least a few more weeks! "Captivating" will be a book that I will repeatably go through. God has showed me great things through this Bible study! I extremely recommend reading this one! Just be ready to sit down with God and have a good cry! I know I sure did!

I am thankful for all those that help me with the Builder (newsletter). Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the ones that proof (even when sick!) and to all that got their articles in on time! (Yeah! Three cheers for you!) The ones that help with tabbing and labeling and just putting up with my crazy self! All I have now to do in fix the errors found from proofing, print and mail! The goal of the Builder being done before Mana's out on Thanksgiving break will be met. It is a relief that I will be done on time during a short work month!! Now I can sit back and enjoy having my daughter out of school!

Pictures of the day...
"Mana & her Shoe Box"
"OCC Shoe Boxes"
"At Chapel"
"Builder Cover"

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Jamie said...

I really love the cover this month! You do a great job - you are the one who deserves the thanks for putting up with all the ones you thanked!