Wednesday, November 5, 2008

SUVs, Texting, and Fall Colors

This morning I drove my friend's SUV back to her house. We went to pick up her husband's truck. I have not driven a larger vehicle in a long while. In fact, it has been two years ago on a beach trip. I got in the driver's seat and off we went. It brought back old times when I was in high school. My sister and I took turns between our two vehicles. One week I would drive a small car and the next week a huge truck. It was a challenge going back and forth between the two. Everything was different on the two vehicles. It took a while to get use to those differences. I felt the same way today. It felt like I was driving in the middle of the road! I finally got comfortable driving it when we reached her house.

I was going to go down town to take some pictures this afternoon. My friend that was going to go with me ended up having to go to a funeral around eleven. The funeral was for a teenager who they think may have been texting while driving. He lost control of his vehicle and it exploded. Him and his friend was killed. For those that text (or other things) while driving, please try to resist doing that. People need to realize that phone calls and text messages are not an immediate importance and will be there when they can get out of traffic. Don't risk your life and the lives of others for a text message. It isn't worth it. I talk on the phone while driving, and I even need to realize that I can call that person back when I am not on the road. That would be the best decision for myself and for my daughter. I encourage you to really think about it. Is that text message or phone call worth your daughter's life, Mother's life, Brother's life? If you end up just killing yourself, that in itself would be bad, but you could end up killing someone else's family member also.

Pictures of the day...
"Fall Trees"
"Fall at the Botanical Gardens"
"Fountain" at the Botanical Gardens

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Shawn Stinson said...

Hey Tammy,
I wasn't sure if you had access to your "builder e-mail at home. so I thought I'd send this to you here. No need to post this on your blog...

Thanks so much for those pics! They are going to work perfectly.
That’s going to look so good Sunday morning.
You had mentioned you might be willing to take a few more pics.
Please don’t go to any trouble, but in your travels today and tomorrow, if you see anything interesting, would you mind snapping a few more.

Danny said he could use 7or 8 more horizontal pics, with the soft white fading.
We’ve got enough to make it work, but we’d rather not duplicate any pics in the presentation unless we have to.

A couple ideas that we bounced around…
-The cross at the top of the church with the sky as background,
-the Alabama theatre sign,
-looking down a local residential street (standing in the road with houses on each side)
-City Hall horizontal, Danny had one vertical, but not horizontal.
-traffic on hwy 78 or a hwy 78 sign.
-Any welcome to Adamsville, forestdale, Graysville signs.
Preferably, more locals shots.

Again, thanks so much for this. I really appreciate you talents.